• Submit the received utilities expenses.
  • Issue monthly payment/TRF for the terminated/ resigned employees based on the final settlement report received from the HR Department depending on the settlement amount. And Deliver twice a week according to schedule.
  • Revise and Record the collected and redeemed points on daily basis which is reported by the IT Department in addition to comparing the recorded points on Collect &Win vs. the HO System.
  • Issue and release the cheques and transfers to Spinneys partners according to the received payment requests for the redeemed points.
  • Issue the received prepaid invoices on the same day of receiving them, record the payments on HO systems with updating the report to ensure that all the expenses were accurately allocated and conduct the related monthly analysis.
  • File all monthly invoices, documents and such according to filing terms to ensure safe recordkeeping.
  • Analyze assigned accounts to any discrepancy between bank balances and system taking necessary actions in timely manner before submitting final results to G/L manager.
  • Monthly closing for GM Imports (One entry).


  • Bachelor Degree of Commerce.
  • 1-2 years of experience.



  1. Produce and implement designs for all the social media channels.
  2. Assist senior graphics designer in creation of monthly promotional magazine from typesetting through to design, print and production.
  3. Assist senior graphics designer in creation and/or review of all marketing materials such as hot offer leaflets, newspaper ads and materials used in special events campaigns.
  4. Collect and review, in coordination with senior graphics designer, designs for all in-store dressing and banners including aisle signage, shelf labels and such and send for production.
  5. Develop and/or edit graphics and layouts for all internal materials such as company logos and templates and ensure alignment with brand book guidelines.
  6. Produce and implement designs for web use for Spinneys website.
  7. Conduct photo shoot session for all items used in Spinneys, printed materials or shared through digital media (social media and in-store screens).
  8. Create/edit video animations 2d & 3d and infographic.
  • Qualifications:

    • 1-2 years of experience.
    • Good experience in  Photoshop and illustrator

Main Responsibilities:

  • Oversee, review and implement budgeting process for each business department
  • Ensure that all of the company's financial practices are in line in financial regulations and legislation
  • Oversee issuance of all periodic financial statements on a monthly, bi-annual and annual basis
  • Analyze all financial information; provide reports, updates and recommendations as needed
  • Monitor cash flow and banking transactions; and maintain sound relationships with banks and other financial institutes
  • Control company inventory results through periodic cycle counts and recommending necessary actions
  • Oversee periodic tax audit process and analyze results to ensure compliance to regulations and legislation
  • Monitor overall company performance and suggest practices to minimize financial risk
  • Contract and implement auditing services to ensure financial reporting is in compliance with standards and up-to-date.
  • Update management of external financial climate and market trends that may impact strategic plans for the future
  • Update and implement financial policies and procedures to guide Finance team
  • Guide, direct and train finance team in achieving department goals efficiently and effectively


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance (Master’s degree in Finance is a plus
  • Experience: minimum 10 years of experience in Retail Industry
  • Language Skills: Advanced English is a must

Job Role: Manage the 3 units of finance department: accounting, inventory control and taxation